Tilapia Fish Farm Project

In October of 2020, Chester Baptist Church and Life Blessing Ministry undertook their first project as ministry partners in the construction of three fish ponds. These ponds are designed to hold up to 3,000 tilapia, and these fish will serve as a vital source of protein for malnourished children. The project was estimated to take 3 months to complete.
The project began by clearing land for the ponds.
Charles’s son and some other children from the village help out.
First load of concrete blocks arrives at the site.
It would take more than 800 blocks to construct the ponds.
The construction of every structure begins with building a firm foundation.
Foundation complete! Time to start building the walls.
Charles’s construction team included a couple of skilled men.
Walls needed to be sealed inside and out to prevent leaks.
A window is constructed into the wall of the breeding pond.
Ponds will hold 8,300 gallons of water!
Young man looks on as ponds near completion.
Praise the Lord! Ponds are complete after 2 months of hard work.
Fencing was constructed around the ponds to prevent children from falling into the ponds.
Viewing window for breeding pond.
Charles and his hard working crew!
Charles purchased 2500 baby tilapia, as well as 4 adult males and 10 adult females for the breeding pond. By summer of 2021, Life Blessing Ministry will be serving these fish to poor and malnourished children in the name of Jesus.
Boys from the community share why they are excited about the fish ponds!
Prayer of dedication over the ponds. May the Lord use this project to bless many lives and win many souls to Jesus!
The “boss” explains what he likes most about the fish ponds…
Thanking Jesus for the 2500 tilapia fingerlings as they are transferred to the ponds.
Adult tilapia find their new home in the breeding pond.

Charles added a filtration system to each pond to control algae and increase oxygen levels.

Charles and his ministry team give more than 200 fish to impoverished families.

In the spring of 2022, Charles cleaned the tanks and installed a more efficient filtration system that will lead to cleaner water and quicker fish growth.


Baby tilapia moved into clean pond with fresh water.